What is the BRITA Information tool?
The BRITA Information Tool (BIT) is an electronic tool assisting in the design of renovations/retrofits focusing on energy savings of public buildings. It provides insights into solutions to specific energy related problems associated with the building shell, lighting or HVAC systems. The BIT contains more that 40 descriptions of exemplary retrofit/renovation projects and provides a wide and varied selection of retrofit technologies and strategies. It also offers the possibility to energy rate an existing building versus the national average for various building types.

Who is the target group of the BRITA Information tool?
The BIT was developed for decision-makers and their staff, responsible for programming, planning and accomplishing the retrofit/renovation of existing facilities. With the use of the BIT, the energy saving potential within an existing building will be better understood during the development of a retrofit/renovation projects and therefore the energy consumption of an existing building can be reduced. The decision-makers will be provided with reliable information on conventional and innovative strategies and technologies and thereby gain improved planning reliability.

Who has developed the BRITA Information tool?
The basis of the information tool was developed within the IEA ECBCS Annex 36 (www.annex36.com). The tool was further developed in the Integrated Project BRITA in PuBs within the 6th Framework Programme of the European Union. Experts from 9 European countries brought in their national expertise, case studies and retrofit technologies to promote energy savings in the retrofit/renovation of existing buildings. See also

How to operate the BRITA Information tool?
The user-interface is developed for intuitive use; the information paths shall be recognized intuitively. The main navigation bars are reached by clicking on the project logo on the upper left side of each page.